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Tax Managed

Tax Managed

The Active Tax-Management strategy uses loss-harvesting and quantitative optimization techniques to replicate the returns of a benchmark index on a pre-tax basis and outperform on an after-tax basis by adding tax-alpha.

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The Core-Factor strategies are benchmark-agnostic strategies that provide targeted exposure to stocks that exhibit characteristics that have shown to provide higher risk-adjusted returns relative to passive benchmarks.

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The Factor-Tilt strategies are benchmark relative strategies that can be designed to provide greater exposure to desired attributes such as high dividend yield or quality while maintaining a low tracking-error.

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Socially Responsible

Socially Responsible

The Socially Responsible Indexing strategy allows clients to incorporate environmental, social, and governance criteria into their investment strategy so that their portfolio closely reflects their own set of values and beliefs.

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Strategy Key Features

Low Cost

All of our strategies have costs comparable to passive ETFs and are significantly cheaper than traditional active managers.

Tax Efficient

For taxable accounts, our strategies can easily incorporate active tax-management that uses loss-harvesting techniques to improves after-tax returns.

Alpha Seeking

Our factor based approach allows clients to improve expected risk-adjusted returns while maintaining low-turnover and tracking-error.


Our separately managed account platform allows clients to completely customize their portfolios to match their exact needs.

Who We Serve

Establishing long-term relationships


Family Offices


Advisory Firms

We work with a select group of advisors and their clients to create low-cost, diversified equity portfolios that are tax-efficient and incorporate the alpha-seeking characteristics of active management.

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Single Family Offices

Single Family Offices can take advantage of our expertise by utilizing us to manage equity portions that are customized to meet their investment preferences and requirements.

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Institutional Investors

Endowments, charitable organizations, and other institutions can benefit from our low-cost equity strategies that incorporate risk management and values-based principles.

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